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Common Questions

What kinds of things will my child work on at OT? 

Excellent question. We start with the pyramid (above). Maybe your child consistently experiences difficulty connecting or engaging. Or, maybe your child experiences significant intensity in their emotions and struggles with communication, receiving help, or adaptation. Perhaps certain environments or experiences are highly overwhelming to your child, leading to overstimulation and meltdowns. These questions may have brought you to discuss OT with your pediatrician. 

We begin at the bottom of the pyramid. We evaluate your child's sensory processing capabilities and specific strengths and challenges. We also evaluate your child's self-regulation needs- i.e. how they do in novel environments, with transitions, or socially in play with others. Common triggers for children include demands to be mentally flexible with peers, in play, and with routines or navigation of change. Skills (e.g. like attention, coordination, and language) need strong foundations to become automatic and fluid. Many of these skills also occur at higher levels of organization in the brain.  Generally, we start where your child is struggling the most (lowest area on the pyramid- corresponding to the lowest area of brain dysfunction). Then, we layer skills and challenges to promote the growth of new skills in a healthy and safe environment.

I have developmental concerns for my child. Will you provide a medical diagnosis (e.g. ADHD, autism, or anxiety)? 
No. While I cannot provide a formal diagnosis, I am active in collaborating with community partners and assisting you in getting established with a provider who can make that determination. I will send records, recommendations, and clinical observations to promote continuity in your child's care. 

Do you provide home visits as a treatment option? 
Not at this time. If weekly clinic-based appointments are not feasible we can discuss alternative options (e.g. alternating Zoom sessions if appropriate for your child). 


Can I participate in my child's sessions? 
Yes! We encourage parents to observe, ask questions, and complete the recommended carryover activities (e.g. sensory routines or strategies) to promote optimal growth for your child. 

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