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Sensory Processing

  • Connection.

  • Engagement.

  • Participation.

  • Attention.

  • Emotional Regulation.

  • Transitions.

  • Adaptation and mental flexibility. 

  • Social-emotional skills (e.g. play or relationships). 

  • Navigating change and new experiences. 

Motor Skills

  • Postural stability in movement. 

  • Strength and coordination.

  • Motor planning and sequencing. 

  • Body awareness. 

  • Pre-school skills (e.g. scissors, pre-writing, and coloring). 

  • School-age skills (e.g. handwriting, visual scanning). 


Executive Processing

  • Impulse control.

  • Play and social skills development.

  • Self-awareness and advocacy. 

  • Adaptation. 

  • Mental flexibility. 

  • Safety awareness. 

  • Planning, sequencing, and working memory. 

  • Decision-making. 

  • Self-organization. 

Daily Living Skills

  • Dressing.

  • Toileting. 

  • Brushing teeth.

  • Feeding.

  • Sleep hygiene. 

  • Shoe-tying. 

  • Fasteners (e.g. zippers and buttons). 

Fun fact: McKenzie has completed training in the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding. She loves to help children advance their diets through play and sensory exploration! 

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